Photography Tours

iPhotographMagic photography tours focus on developing your photography skills, including portrait photography, landscapes, streetscapes, wildlife and architecture. Our tours are small, intimate groups, with a focus on fun and photography.

Photography Workshops

We offer a range of photography workshops aimed at the Beginner, all the way through to the novice photographer. Our focus is on small groups and sharing of ideas and knowledge. iPhotographMagic Workshops are all about sharing a passion for photography.

Hi there, I’m Julie


Hello, and welcome to iPhotographMagic! 

I’ve been photographing magic for over 25 years and there’s nothing I love more than sharing my passion with other budding photographers. At iPhotographMagic, we offer small group photography tours to amazing locations around the world, and informative photography workshops.

Whether you know your way around a camera, or just starting out, our tours and workshops are perfect for you!

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Customer Feedback

“I am now confident in using my Canon 1000 EOS to its full potential.  Julie has shared her knowledge and passion with me and other participants.  I understand changing the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, White Balance, Depth of Field to suite different lighting and settings.  Julie is extremely professional, yet remains such a caring and friendly lady that it was a pleasure undertaking this six week course.”


“Julie’s Beginner’s Photographic Course has been an amazing experience for me, so much more rewarding than I thought possible. Each week Julie showed us a technical aspect of the camera and then encouraged us to go forth and try it out. The environment was very supportive so that students could also help one another. I am really indebted to Julie for making what was just a photographic course into such an enjoyable, life-changing experience. Julie’s positive nature, respectfulness, generosity with her time and overt enjoyment of life makes her a wonderful role-model, teacher and mentor.